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At Metalcorp we offer a range of services to meet different needs for both residential and commercial customers. All services include competitive rates on scrap metal and no charge for a metal collection (free scrap collections are based off minimum tonnage, scrap value and area of collection). 

Our full range of services includes:

Sell Direct into Yard

If you come in and bring your scrap to our yard this is when you will receive our in-yard prices which are the highest price you will receive.
For an up to date and current price list please see our Pricing page.

Collection Service

We offer a free collection service based off where the collection is from and what there is to collect. If you are eligible for a collection, then one of our trained staff will come to your property and collect your scrap. Payment for the scrap will be calculated once the load has been graded in our yard and if there is money to be collected we will contact you to organise how you wish to be paid.

Bins and Skips

We offer skips for you to use on your site at your convenience. Once full you simply give us a call & we can arrange pick up or an empty.

The following are the sizes we can offer: *

  • Yard skip :  Measuring 1600L x 1300W x 600H, Nominal capacity Est 3.0m3
  • Gantry Skip :  Measuring 3600L x 1500W x 1400H, Nominal capacity Est 7.5m3

Feel free to call us on 0800 SELL SCRAP (0800 7355 72) if you have any enquires regarding a scrap pick up or click this link to make an enquiry by email.

* Free scrap collections are based off minimum tonnage, scrap value and area of collection.
* Skips are subject to availability.

Job Sighting

If you are not sure what service will suit you best or have queries about your site, we can send a trained team member to your site to view your metals.
Our team member will be more than happy to discuss collection and payment options with you.