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  • We Love Dogs!

    At Metalcorp we are huge fans of our four legged friends -so much so that we keep dog treats at hand to make sure they really enjoy their visit when they pop in with their owners.

    We meet all kinds of dogs at Metalcorp - the other week we were visited by Trace & Olly who came in with their owner Rod to sell a few old lead acid batteries. They were dying to get out and have a good sniff around, but were happy to settle for some dog treats on the 'weigh' out! Keep an eye out to see some of our other four legged friends over the next few weeks...



  • Selling On Saturdays

    If you are bringing your metals in on a Saturday, please ensure you arrive by 11:45 am.

    This will allow enough time for our team to weigh and pay you before we close at 12 noon.

  • Show Day

    Metalcorp will be closed on Friday 15th of November to celebrate Canterbury Anniversary.

    Please note, we will be open on Saturday the 16th of November for our usual Saturday trading.

    We wish everyone a safe and relaxing long weekend!